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 Grow Good Farms and Honey Nut Cheerios(R) Greenhouse

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PostSubject: Grow Good Farms and Honey Nut Cheerios(R) Greenhouse   October 30th 2009, 7:38 pm

They both came out about a month ago, with a couple of weeks apart.

Grow Good Farms:
This is a farm that appeared on September 24, 2009. Basically you just grow crops to make a pizza. It takes 4 days to grow the necessary crops your pizza needs, so every 4 days, if you tend to your crops with the speific tools, you can make a pizza, donate to Feeding America, and earn prizes! That's right, not only do you get a prize after each succesful pizza, you also help Feeding America donate oney to food pantries all over the USA to help feed people who were less fortunate. Besides the basic cheese-wheat-tomato combination, which is worth 15 cents, an additional 5 cents is added for each additional topping. So for example, if you make a crust, cheese, tomato, basil, and olive pizza, Millsberry will give away 25 cents to Feeding America, and you'll get a prize, plus more space for additional crops. Try it! This will only be available till May 31, 2010, so it'll be useful to get the pizzeria-related items.
I'm not really a good instructor, so I might just post off later what Millsberry's instructions say.

Honey Nut Cheerios(R) Greenhouse:
This is a beautiful new addition to Mllsberry. It as added 3 weeks ago and as the name implies, it's a flowering greenhouse, located in Downtown Millsberry. Each week, you collect pollen to get a new flower for your home and be entered to win a VIP(Very Important Pollen) Certificate. You also look for the bug of the week and you win it for your home too. Besides that, everyday, you can get a new Honey-themed prize from Buzz the Bee, play the new game Buzzing For Water, and you can grow your own plant. This is similar to the Farm, because you also need to come and tend to it with the right tool until the bar reaches full. It takes 5 days for a plant to grow if you tend to it. It's also pretty fun, though it's hard to get a rare honey-themed prize rom the Prize Hive and you gotta wait till luck shines your way. That was a pretty quick summary of what's up in Mills.


Have fun even when you're bored...

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Grow Good Farms and Honey Nut Cheerios(R) Greenhouse
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