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 Create a cultural room!

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Create a cultural room! Empty
PostSubject: Create a cultural room!   Create a cultural room! EmptyJuly 3rd 2010, 10:48 pm

I think this might be a fun contest! Think of a culture, a heritage, or a race, and use items in Millsberry to portray that culture by creating a room in your Millsberry home. I'm looking for originality, creativity, and how well you can explain your room in the little application you must post to enter:

CM username:
Millsberry username:
Room name and floor your room is located on (If you can post a screenshot of the room, that would be helpful):
What culture you are portraying:
Your reason for choosing the culture and the items in your room for that culture:

The winner will get 300k millsbucks! Consolation prizes might also be available! Good luck and have fun!

Create a cultural room! 1l5u8

Have fun even when you're bored...

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Create a cultural room! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Create a cultural room!   Create a cultural room! EmptyOctober 26th 2010, 5:32 pm

Well my screen shot isnt working so ill tell you!! Go to floor 4 and click on the room called ROOM!!
CM username:demi5644
Millsberry username:4thwilliamsgina
Culture-Ancient Egyptians home
Reason-Well in 6th grade we studied Egyptans and the way they lived! We had to do this major project to build a home! So tht interested me so I decided to do it again!
old beatup wallpaper- represents bricks
old wooden floor- represents the house because its so old and their poor!
sarcophagus- Has to do with egyptians
Flashlights- source of light
Decorative lamp- Source of light
Sleeping bed- egyptians slept on the bear floor
iron stove- Egyptians used stuff similar to tht 2 cook with
table and chairs- that where they eat and they look old because they were poor
fondue pots- egyptians used that to cook with also
sundial- piece of decoration
snail- Bugs came in their house all the time
Choclate gelt- all the money they had
pet rock- DECORATON!!
dresser- The egyptians put their clothes in their
ancient lockbox key- Represent the key to the ancient house!!!!
Map- goes with the whole theme!!

Well i hope you like my theme thank you!!!!
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Create a cultural room!
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